All in one package including projector and 4x2.5 meter quality target blocks

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This package is only available to our EU and UK customers.

Quality, all inclusive BowSim 4D setup including 4x2.5 meter (13x8.2 feet) 4D Target

This is our all in one solution for customers that choose a 4x2.5 meter 4D target for their venue. All products are of the highest quality and well tuned for an outstanding performance. Once received, a bow and arrow is all you need to get started.

Your package includes

  1. The BowSim 4D hard and software that will power the experience. It comes with a 12-month update guarantee so you receive new games and clips every month in your first year.
  2. A very powerful projector that will ensure a crisp and clean picture in most environments. This is a solution for a professional setup.
  3. High-quality target blocks that can be assembled to the desired 4x2.5 meter target wall. Please select the target type you require. These targets will last most users more than 10 years without requiring repairs and maintenance and should stop more than 150 000 arrows.

If you order this package now we will NOT automatically dispatch the order. We will first contact you to ensure you have selected the solution that meets your requirements best. If you do wish that the order will be dispatched instantly without a courtesy call or email please let us know.  


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